Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What do you want to see from Phoenix within the next 5 years?


  1. iwould like to see it become more pedestrian friendly, Most urban cities that I've visited have built around foot traffic. Now having said that I want to make it clear that no I don't want to "model" phx after another city and have us end up as a sad clone of some other great city. I think if we take what we have and develop a stronger community for pedestrian traffic it will help to build the community - I have lived in Gated communities in other states and honestly you are not any safer, Gated communities only really serve to reduce traffic. Think for a minute how many gated locations do you have the password or codes? I know I gave mine to newspaper delivery person, every member of my family had it as well as any handyman/repair sevice I needed.

    When moving back to the phx area I stayed away from any HOA or Gated locations, I love walking storefronted streets- not strip mall sites- and walking into a store and having the owner greet me. I like that when I buy from him/her that they truly are appreciative and that my money will be used to build up their business.
    I think foot traffic helps develop loyalty to local business and to the community, anyway I feel closer to that business when I see them growing and improving- First of all I am very happy fpr their success and feel that my meager dollars contributed over time.

    I would like to see phx also showcase the historical buildings, really connect the past to the present and really market that aspect of downtown, I know it is there already to some degree but I think it could be really showcased more and make it destination worthy.