Thursday, September 8, 2011

Dear Diary - Some days my life is like a dark comedy...

Dear Diary,

This happened to me today:

I went to see a client and came upon a semi truck in idle at a stop sign. The driver was in the street, totally NAKED, screaming, cussing and shaking his fist at a building. He kind of lunged at my car - totally naked.


Me: Hi there. I'd like to make a report of a semi truck driver who is completely naked in the middle of the street at 2nd St. & Garfield.

911: Which corner is he on?

Me: The one with the idling semi truck and naked guy in the street. I don't think you can miss it.

911: What ethnicity is he? Mexican? Black?

Me: White. And naked.

911: Does he have a weapon?

Me: Just his penis (said while slightly chuckling).

Roughly 10 minutes later a meter maid cop pulls up in her golf cart thingie which makes me burst out laughing.

Five minutes later, real cops - and naked semi driver is arrested.

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