Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Take a Ride on the CRAZY Train with Senator Burges

Well it's BAAAAAACCCKKKKK! The Anti-Agenda 21 bill from last session (previously SB1507) now SB1403.

I wrote ad nauseum about this bill last session.  You can read my Triple Pundit piece HERE, watch some news footage HERE, and read about the victory of the bill finally dying HERE.

UGH.  It's just like a ZOMBIE, and according to Grist, it's hungry for your BRAAAIIIINS!

Please help us kill it- AGAIN- by signing this PETITION (revived from last session, just like the batshit crazy bill.

Also, someone really needs to do a reality show based entirely around the bills (and testimony) by Senator Burges.  You really can't make this shit up...  Watch for yourself.

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