Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bingo Be Gone

Because I scored an awesome email address from Cox, I often get random emails for various people and businesses with the name Champion, which I guess would be kind of expected (because hey, my last name is Champion too).

There is a Bingo Group who I have literally told about 17 times that they have the wrong email.  Today was my "breaking point."  I just couldn't resist any longer...

I hit "reply all" and shot this off into B-18 BINGO LAND.

Hi ladies,

I’ve decided that Bingo just isn’t satisfying to me anymore.  I need more excitement!  I’m going to start my own “Noodling Club.”  If you don’t know what “Noodling” is, you can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noodling

My plan is to pick up an above-ground pool from Ace now that they’re on sale, cover it with a piece of plywood with hand holes cut out about every foot, then use my compost to feed the catfish so they get nice and big to put up a real fight.  I was torn between a monthly midget wrestling match or noodling, and noodling won out, because it sounds nicer with my other hobbies: knitting, napping, needle point, necrophilia, and now noodling!

I’ll send out an invitation  once the catfish reach at least 50 pounds.

Stay tuned!

-Future Former Bingo Playing Noodling Champion

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